Mike Ross for President

Mike Ross - Libertarian for President in 2004

  I'm running for President of the United States as a canidate from the Libertarian Party. I will be on the ballot in the State of Arizona.

The Harry Browne Reason

One of the reasons I'm running is because Harry Browne is more into taking money from Libertarians then running for President. In his several bids for President as a Libertarian it seems like his main goal is to pocket money he takes from Libertarians which he tells will be used to make commericals which are never made. Most of this can be documented in articles in Liberty Magazine.

I don't want your money.

The David Dorn Reason

In Oct 2002 I found out that since 1998 David Dorn who owns a Phoenix and Scottsdale based insuranse company called Dorn Agency or Dorn Insurance has been making up lies about me and telling people that I am a government snitch. Ernie Hancock told me about this lie when I helped him video tape the Freedom Summit

I don't know why David Dorn has been making up these lies but they have hurt and damaged me very much. I hope to focus on this issue and have the media bring this out to the public and get them to confirm that these hateful lies David Dorn is saying are just that "lies".

For more information on the lies David Dorn has been saying about me check out http://www.geocities.com/david_dorn_government_snitch

My positions on the Issues

  • Legalize all drugs
  • Legalize all guns
  • Legalize all victimless crimes
  • Get rid of all taxes
  • I'm pro-choice. It's none of the governments business what a woman does with her body. If you don't want an abortion don't have one.
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender rights. The government doesn't have any business telling people who they can or canít have sex with, Nor does the government have any business telling people what they can or can't do in their sex lives. The government needs to keep its nose out of peoples bedrooms. For more on a related issue see my stand on the rights of bigots and idiots.
  • Marriage should be an agreement between the people involved. The government should get out of the marriage business and doesnít have any business telling people who can or can't get married. If two, three, or ten males, females, gays, or lesbians want to get married it should be allowed. For more on a related issue see my stand on the rights of bigots and idiots.
  • The war. The Libertarian Party doesn't have a position on the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan and it seems to divide Libertarians. I am against both of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am also against the war on terrorism too. The war on terrorism is really a war on the bill of rights.
  • Children and minors rights. Children and minors should have the same rights as adults. Although in most cases it is probably better for the children not to exercise these rights and do what their guardians tell them.
  • Idiots, bigots, racists, religious crackpots and other so called politically incorrect people should have the same rights as every one else. Just because your stupid doesn't mean you should not have rights. People should have the right to associate or not associate with anyone they want to. People should have the right to hate anyone they want for any reason. It is wrong for the government to force idiots, bigots, racists and other politically incorrect people to love their neighbors. These politically incorrect people all have the right to pursue their own happiness. Just because I think these people should have rights doesn't mean I agree with them. Even if these politically incorrect people have the right to hate their neighbor that does not give them the right to violate their neighbors rights by robbing, raping, killing, defrauding or assaulting them. For more on a related issue see my stand on marriage and the rights of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals.
  • Immigration? I'm all for it. I think we should get rid of the INS, rip down the fences that separate Mexico and Canada from the U.S. and let people live and work wherever they like. That is almost how it was 80 years ago before we closed down the Mexican border and blamed Mexico for the Great Depression.
  • The only function of government should be protecting people rights. Not one more thing.
  • How I will govern
Well really I'm more of an Anarchist Libertarian then a Libertarian. My position is we should eliminate the government all together. If the Libertarian position that taxes are stealing is true, which it is, then any government that uses taxes to fund its self should be eliminated.

My History

I have ran for office twice before. I ran for Governor of Arizona, see mike_for_gov.tripod.com.

I ran for Precent Committee Member as a Libertarian. I won in a landslide election. I was elected by 100% of the vote :). One person voted for me, and nobody voted against me. The only reason I ran for this office was so I could vote the evil Peter Schmerl out of office. Peter Schmerl a scum bag lawyer from Tucson used the force of law to take over the Arizona Libertarian Party (ALP) with his scum bag Arizona Libertarian Party Inc (ALP INC) group. I don't plan on running again since the evil Smorg is gone now. Well maybe not. We still have to kick out all the idiots who came into the party from the Smorgs camp and who are not "No Compromise Libertarians" like the ALP used to be. They are the idiots who allowed MCLP to endorse Randy Pullen a Nazi who is running for Mayor of Phoenix. And we have to get back to telling the state like ALP did that "We ain't going to obey their stupid election laws because they are unconstitutional."

Prior to the evil ALP INC taking over the Arizona Libertarian Party (ALP) I was elected to the Governing Board of the Arizona Libertarian Party. But thats no big deal. Anybody that leaves the convention to go to the bathroom when they are nominating people could get elected to that position.

Religion or lack of religion

I am an atheist so you don't need to worry about me trying to use government to shove religion on you. But outside of that I don't give a rats ass what god you worship as long as you don't try to use the force of government to force it on someone else.

The Presidential Seal

Emperor George W. Bush is having his lawyers hunt down and threaten to sue people who make fun of the Presidential Seal such as the newspaper the Onion. If Iím elected president you can do any thing you want with the Presidential Seal for all I care. Cover it with dog poop and put it on you web site. I don't care.

The Presidential Primary Election in Arizona doesn't count

Are you on drugs? The Presidential Primary Election in Arizona doesn't count???!!!

Nope I'm not on drugs. And Yes the Presidential Primary Election in Arizona doesn't count. Check it out.

Other Libertarian Canidates

Other Libertarian Canidates

What the media has said about Mike Ross

Some of the things the media and other web sites have said about Mike Ross in the race for the President. other_sites.html


These are some other groups and people that are friends of the Libertarian movement.

Homeless Poeple

Information on homeless people registering to vote.

Flip Flops

Mike has only flipped flopped on a few issues. And he flipped flopped because he changed his mind, not to get votes.

Here is a list of the flip flops Mike has done along with the reasons.

Contact Me

Send me e-mail at: mike_for_president@1stcounsel.com

Mike Ross for Arizona Governor 2002
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Mike Ross for Maricopa County Supervisor

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